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What is MozillaTranslator
MozillaTranslator is two things, it is both a program and a website. It started out as a program and is now evolving into this website.
The Program

The program was first created in a attempt to get rid of the manual file editing that has to be done in order to localize Mozilla.From the very basic first version, it has evolved into having a range of useful (i hope) features that help the localizers make and distribute the translations.

The future should hopefully bring more features like, gruop work and more powerfull reuse of work allready done

The Website

The website is a attempt to help the end users find the translations that they want, and help the translators publish their localizations fast and easy and to a central place. The central place is the main idea here, bacause I believe that having one place for all localizations of all XUL based programs (mozilla,netscape, Beonex etc.) will be a huge benifit for all.

Right now the site only contains the basic functionality, for upload and download of localizations but more will come soon, and quite possibly as the result of user feedback.

Contact and Feedback
  Email:  Henrik Lynggaard  
  ICQ:  17703084  
  AOL IM:  Lynggaard  
  Yahoo:  Lynggaarddk  
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