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30/10/2002 Opened up for more versions and Phoenix support

Having a lot of work recently I had nearly forgot to open up for upload of the new mozilla versions.
I have done this now and also opened up for some near future versions (1.0.2 and 1.2 final)

I have also added phoenix to the list of products, and added version 0.4 as the first version.

18/09/2002 MozillaTranslator 5.02 released

Today I have uploaded version 5.02.This is bugfix release that is intended to fix most of the problmes I missed in 5.01

* Various xpi export issues

* extra components added during import translations

* old entries not deleted

* xml export issues (rewritten to use DOM)

* Andrea ([email protected] ) made a large contribution to the user manul :-) Thanx!

NOTE: You MUST do a update product after installation

11/08/2002 MozillaTranslator 5.01 released

Today I have uploaded and released version 5.01, which contains fixes for the fatal errors in 5.00.
Namely the XPI export, the ALT E shortcut and partly fixes the xml export error.

NOTE: You MUST do a update product after installation

05/08/2002 New version of the site

Today I have (as I hope you can see) uploaded a brand new version of the site. I was simply too tired of the old design and wanted something a little better

Besides a new design I have also added a few things like:

  • Translators can now post local news
  • Translators now have a message board
  • Translators new have a task list
  • I have added various text content to help people e.g. Xoses manual

I hope you like it, please write if you find any bugs, or have some ideas. Also, be sure to check this out:

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