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The goals

This website tries to follow the W3C standards while maintaining a consitent look and functionality across a broad set of browsers.However this is still very difficlut...

Only a few browsers really support the W3C standards to an extend where one can use HTML and espsially CSS and the DOM like it was intended. Below I will share some of the experiences I have had when developing this new version of the site

The Users

This site is visited mainly by people with netscape browsers but also by lots of people with other browsers
Below are the site statistics for may this year. The numbers are from Webtrends live

Rank Browser percentage
1. Netscape 5.x 55,96%
2. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x 17,89%
3. Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x 14,09%
4. Netscape 6.x 3,93%
5. Netscape 4.x 3,39%
6. Opera 4.x 1,90%
7. Opera 6.x 1,22%

Mozilla 1.0 and other gecko based browsers

The mozilla browser is my daily brower and what I use for normal testing, therefore the site is optimized for gecko based browsers. I know this may not seems fair to some users of browsers with lesser standard support, but this is a Mozilla site and most of my users are using gecko based browser, so I think it is fair to show of a little as long as the site contains the same functionality for the majority of other users.

Internet explorer

I have tested the site in Internet Explorer 6.0 on windows 2000 and as far as I can see the site retains all functionality and most parts of its look. however there are certain pages, like the final step of translation downloading, that contains display errors.

I am looking into these errors to see if they can be corrected easily by exchangeing one W3C compliant implmentation with another, but it is it a major rewrite that is needed, I don't think I will get around to it in the near future since it is rather low priority


I have tested this site with Opera 6.02 (yes i know it has a security bug, but i only use it for testing) and again most of the looks and works fine, sometimes it even looks better than Internet explorer.But....

Opera has some problems on the pages that use JavaScript and DOM, mainly because Opera's DOM support is not as strong as its CSS support, and because it is no where near Mozilla's. This actually means that at the time of writing the download translation page does not not in Opera

I am looking into this, and ofcourse it does have a (much?) higher priority than the Internet explorer problem since this is a question about loss of funtionality,but it will get lower priority than a bug in the program

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