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This is a small guide on how to get started as as translator:

Register yourself and find others

The normal start when you want to translate a Mozilla (XUL) product is to find out if others are translating the same product to the same language as you.

This is most effectively done announcinging yourself on the mozilla l10n newsgroup ( netscape.public.mozilla.l10n ).You should also get a login here to this site. In here your can see if there is registeredstrered for your language.

If you find others, try and contact them for coordinating the work,there is no reason to compete or double the work. This website is only designed for people working together, and is not equipped to handle severel competing translations to one language

Download the program and translate

After you have registred yourself and found your group, you should now download the program. I recommend thast you download the latest version (At time time of writing this is 5.00 final), as it is the most feaure complete and the only one that is up to date with Mozilla 1.0

Now it is simply a matter of translateing all the texts in the program. Happy Working :-)

Upload you language pack

After you have finished the translation, or enough of it for other people to see, you should distribute it, so that others may enjoy the fruits of your work.

You should do this several places

Most vendors (or at least has their own place to host thier translations and you should naturally submit you work to there. For Mozilla this is done by posting a link to it in the l10n newsgroup.

You should also upload it to here, so that we can fullfil the goal of becoming a central repositoriĆ½ for translations for all XUL based applications. This place also gives you download statistics and self-administration

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